IF NOT NOW - Program Schedule

Volunteer Placements:



Social inclusion program with MOIRA inc., a disability service provider for youth. Participants in this placement will partake in forming a social group between individuals who suffer from disability and do not always have the opportunity for meaningful social activities.





Encounters program with Stand Up Australia. During the encounters program participants will be partnered with a group and/or a family from the Sudanese community. Throughout their experience they will form a joint project together, share each other’s culture and provide a meaningful learning experience for both groups.



Fortnightly workshops focusing on specific social justice issues, skills development, group bonding and reflecting on ways you can be a successful change maker. Workshops include guest speakers, educational programs, discussion groups, panels and skill development activities.

Specific topics likely to be included are:

  • Online activism

  • Confronting disability

  • Emerging social gaps

  • Youth networking

If you have questions feel free to contact us for more details.

Key Dates


  • 21st February: Social Justice Engagement Seminar

  • 6th March: Volunteer Placement workshop

  • March-June: Alternating Placements and Workshops

  • 16th June: Graduation Dinner

Hashomer Hatzair Australia Inc. is an affiliate of the AZYC which abides by accredited Safeguarding Children policies

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