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Hashy runs two camps every year in winter and summer for our chanichim*ot. 

Try out a Hashy camp this year!

Winter Camps

Hashy's winter camps run during the term 2 school holidays. The junior (years 3-7) camp is generally 4 days long, and the senior (years 8-12) camp is usually 5 days long. The camps run sequentially, with a crossover day in the middle. We hold our camps in Victoria, however interstate friends are always welcome! 

Pictured: Machane Rock - Winter Camp 2022

Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 10.33_edited.jpg

Shomria (Summer Camp)

Each summer camp is named Shomria, and is held in early January after the end of term 4. Shomria is a longer camp, often 10 days in total. Like the winter camps, Shomriot run with the junior camp first, followed by the senior camp with a crossover day in between. Shomria is an experience like no other, with everyone sleeping outdoors in tents, exploring nature on hikes and bush walks and having fun!

Join us on the next Shomria and bring a friend along too!

Pictured: Shomria 2022

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