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Our Ideology

Hashomer Hatzair’s ideology was last updated at the veida olamit (worldwide conference) in 2017. It is divided into three main pillars: Zionism, Socialism and Secular-Humanist Judaism.

Our Ideology

Hashomer Hatzair’s ideology was last updated at the veida olamit (worldwide conference) in 2017. It is divided into three main pillars: Socialist-Zionism, Socialism and Secular-Humanist Judaism.



Hashomer Hatzair’s vision for Israel is a state that strives to maintain the complex balance between a Jewish society and a pluralistic society that ensures social justice for all.


While Hashy is rooted in its Zionist beliefs, we recognise that the dialogue between Israel and the Diaspora includes criticism, especially when Israel fails to fulfil the unique challenge of this balance. Hashomer Hatzair continues to support Israel and seeks a peaceful end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


We strongly encourage chanichim*ot to form a personal, highly educated and meaningful relationship with Jewish history, Zionist history and Israel today.



Hashomer Hatzair believes that humans are creative beings who deserve to live in a society that allows them to develop to their fullest potential. We feel, however, that our world falls well short of this ideal and is fundamentally unequal and disempowering.


We strive to educate our chanichim*ot towards becoming critical, free-thinking individuals who desire more for society and for Israel. We believe in the power of the kvutza (the group) as the ultimate tool for achieving change.



Hashomer Hatzair places the individual in the centre of our Jewish worldview, and our morals primarily derive from our respect for humankind and not from a divine source.


Our Judaism draws upon the vibrant culture, tradition, history and legacy of the Jewish people, and connects us to our heritage. We view Jewish sources as inspiration, but open for critical interpretation.


Hashomer Hatzair believes in and practices a form of active Judaism that encourages everyone to give personal meaning to ritual, text and tradition. We aid our students in creating and challenging their Jewish identity.

The Ten Dibrot

In addition to our three pillars, we have shaped and created our own 10 Dibrot, for what we believe to be the most important guidelines for living a shomeric life.

  1. The Shomer/et is a man/woman of truth and stands on its guard.

  2. The Shomer/et is an integral part of the Jewish people and strongly connected to the State of Israel. He/she is rooted in his/her culture and is a chalutz/a of our Judaism.

  3. The Shomer/et finds meaning in his/her relationship to work and fights to create a world where labour is a productive expression of human creativity and freedom.

  4. The Shomer/et is politically active and a forerunner in the pursuit of freedom, equality, peace and solidarity.

  5. The Shomer/et is a committed chaver/a that works
    jointly with others, struggles for the progress of society and promotes Shomeric values.


  6. The Shomer/et actively develops and maintains relationships which are intentional, free and honest within the kvutza and the whole Shomeric community. He/She takes the responsibility to look after his/her chaverim.

  7. The shomer/et respects and cares about nature; he/she gets to know it, learns how to live within it and acts in accordance with sustainable practices.

  8. The Shomer/et is courageous, independent, thinks critically and takes initiative accordingly.

  9. The Shomer/et strengthens his/her character and strives towards physical, mental and spiritual wholeness.

  10. The Shomer/et is led by his/her reason and takes full responsibility for his/her actions. He/she sets Dugma Ishit.

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