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What We Do


Hashy runs weekly peulot (informal education programs) for our chanichim*ot on global and social issues, our ideology, First Nations rights, climate and the environment, human rights and much more!

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Hashy's shnat program, Shnat Hachshara (year of preparation) occurs after chanichim*ot finish high school, and consists of a 10 month program in Israel.

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Hashy runs two machanot (camps) every year, in the winter and summer school holidays. Camps are split between junior (years 3-7) and senior (years 8-12). They are often 7-10 days in length and located in regional Victoria.

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Hashy runs and attends several community events throughout the year, including Queer Night, Chag Ken, Third Night Seder, Third Night Rosh Hashana, In One Voice and Yom HaAtzmaut!

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